Congenital Vice

by Dark Waters End

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A single from our upcoming full length 'Submersion'


Congenital Vice:

Repressive, this status quo. Submissive, these masses bite their tongues.

A stranger senses a change and fans the flickering flames.

“They are the disease! We are the cure! Down with the regime! We are the pure! We are the pure!”

Banding as one; What must be done

Behind the Stranger a revolt quickly forms. Fear faces erasure.

Up in arms, bring the storm of upheaval

Bullets fly, blackened skies shadow good and evil

Blood is spilled, anger builds until the surrender of the old regime

Joyous masses chant, “Glory to our true cause! Praise be our leader! Hail to the great Stranger!”

They seek guiding hand. Our Stranger takes the stand.

Chaos trickles in fueled by advantageous scum. Riots start to grow. Silence hope’s progressive thrum.

The masses demand peace. Force the maddeness to cease by any and all means.

So forms a corps for peace must be strictly enforced.

Striking decentors, upholding few who, by the stranger were born anew.

Oppression for the greater good! Oppression for the greater good!

What do you submit for the Stranger’s mercy? Be contributive, death to controversy

What do you submit for the Stranger’s mercy? Be contributive, may you never stray


releases October 7, 2017
Recording & Mixing: John Boyce & Sylar Sound Studio
More Recording & Editing: AJ Viana, Jay Esbensen
Mastering: Mark Lewis of West West Side
Artwork: Georgi Georgiev of Moon ring Design
Management: Rob Wharton of Fresh2Deaf & Cognitive
Band Photos: Al Rende
Practice Home: Surreal Sound Studio in Philadelphia



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Dark Waters End Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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